Make Him Yours

Anyone who has had a relationship fail can attest to how true the expression “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” is and how difficult it can be to move beyond these annoyingly vast disparities to make a relationship a success. Women have been trying to bridge this gap for centuries and the overwhelming number of magazines since the launch of Ladies’ Mercury in 1693 shows just how difficult it is to fully understand a man’s stoic nature and even more so how much work it takes to get your relationship on the right footing towards a successful marriage.

Make Him Yours

Make Him Yours

However, Ashley Kay, a dating and relationship expert, set out to help the female population understand the male mind and use this information to get the man of their dreams and have men swooning over them and achieve the Holy Grail of all relationships, a happily ever after.

After years of research, the Make Him Yours system was created to help end your days of pining away for a man who thinks of commitment as the Armageddon and would rather face a grizzly than settle down. The male mind does indeed work in a strange way or at least appears that way to the female species and this product helps you tap into your potential to make the man in your life think of only you no matter how much his testosterone-filled probably ego-driven psyche rages against it.

Make Him Yours system

The system which comes in an MP3, PDF and online video format includes tips, advice and guidelines on how to exploit a man’s heart and mind to make him your loyal raving fan for life. Ashley Kay gives you a step-by-step hands-on guide on how to navigate the mind of your man, or at least soon-to-be man and a hop, skip and jump away you’ll be riding into happily ever after with your prince charming. The system includes a 13 desire trigger that will have him lusting for you like a dog for a juicy stake, a formula to fulfill his need for desire that we can all just assume is inherent for Martian-born creatures, break the pattern that has been holding you back from a successful relationship and articulate what you want and let’s face it a man is more attracted to a woman who knows what she wants.

Make Him Yours discount

For a limited onetime payment of $47 you also get three additional bonuses including the Make Him Yours Video course series that usually go for $197, an email coaching course titled “Deadly Attraction Secrets” that runs for 8 weeks and the “Titanic Bonus” aptly named so you can prevent your relationship from crushing once you have got it sailing. If you put in the work and don’t see results Ashley Kay has also included a 60-day money back guarantee although, scout’s honor this really won’t be necessary.


The beauty of the Make Him Yours product is that it takes the guesswork out of relationships so you don’t feel like you are worlds apart and it helps you work on yourself so you can reel in the guy of your dreams. So go ahead and order and wait for the transformation and don’t forget to invite the rest of us to your wedding, we’ll be the group of smiling girls already with wedding rings cheering you on. This is the first step towards your happily ever after all you need to do is order now.

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