Biase-free and True Sony A7s Guide

Tracing back to the history of photography, you will realize that photography is more than just having fun but a culture, source of living or someone’s passion. And that’s why we have heard about the greatest photographers like David bailey and Eve Arnold with their inspirational quote about photography. I am a photographer too and I believe that, one day I will leave inspirational quote and legacy for others to follow.

Since my first time in photography carrier I have used so many cameras; Nikon, Sony and many others. On October 16th 2013 Sony made me happy by introducing the world’s first full-framed mirror-less cameras since it a significant improvement in photography worthy appreciation. Since the release of the first Sony mirror-less cameras, I have used nearly 3 of them so far but the first two (A7 and A7R) were not quite impressive since they showed some problems like shutter vibration, poor battery life and slow start-up time.

it seems that, Sony due to such problems, they capitalized in finding solution in the new version A7S, this camera is impressive and that’s why I thought writing Sony A7s Guide to ensure that any photographer out there will be able to learn more about it even before making a choice of having it.

Sony A7s Guide

Features of A7s

Compared to other models of A7 cameras, the sensor size is the same-35.8 x 23.9 mm. furthermore the design of this camera which combines 8.44 micrometers of pixel and sensor resolution of 12.2MP makes it very powerful. This camera also comes with anti-aliasing feature that add more realism to images by smoothing jagged edges on curved lines. With that you can be able to get more clearer and high quality image.

This camera uses EVF viewfinder and 2.4M dots with 100% coverage which facilitate production of high quality image. Apart from that it has, 4240×2832 and 1920×1080 image and video resolution property; with such property, this camera is applicable in nearly all photography activities.

On quality of battery life, this camera is superb since it uses 360 shots (CIPA). Presence of 4k output and build-in WI-FI will always be added advantages for all users of this camera.

Who can buy Sony A7s?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a nature photographer, a sea documenter or video shooter; this Camera is highly diverse and can comfortably handle all those work. Besides, it doesn’t need you to be an expert in photography to use it. Simply, it’s for all those who need a good camera that can produce awesome photographs and videos; it is for you all.

Pros and cons of Sony A7s

  • One advantage of this camera is build-in WI-FI this allows you to stream the image directly to the internet faster
  • This camera also comes with contrast-detection auto-focus system that facilitate proper photography without poor object capturing.
  • It has the highest continuous shooting speed of up to 5 FPS
  • It has an electronic front curtain shutter that works extremely well
  • It doesn’t have in-build flash

If you are looking for a nice camera, then I cannot hesitate to recommend this one to you since it is worthy and that’s why I have written Sony A7s Guide. Follow this link here to learn more about this camera or purchase it.


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